Why am I asking for your vote?
My commitment to you.

I believe in equality in society. I want education and training opportunities for all our young people. I believe in the importance of our natural and built environment. If you believe in these things too, then please vote for me and together we can make a change to how we live. See my manifesto points here.

How I will represent you if elected?

I am a different kind of candidate, running a different kind of a campaign – and yes, if elected, I will be a different kind of politician.

Most of a States Members’ work, in terms of meeting with constituents and campaigners, lobbying, and researching propositions, policies and legislation doesn’t present problems for me.
But some of the work will have to be done in a different way.
Fortunately, technology has developed in ways that make it easier for someone like me to play a full part in the workplace – iPads with speech software, scanning glasses that make it easier to read long documents have all helped me with the campaign, and would help in politics too.
Some parts of a States sitting may present challenges, but my gifts as a natural communicator honed over 30 years of journalism, combined with the use of new technology, will enable me to play a full part in political life.