Building accommodation in St Helier, why can’t we build else where?

The easiest way for the government to put its money where its mouth is if it is serious about reducing the cost of family homes is through shared equity. This is about allocation of capital – there is still profit to be made by the States in this area, if the laws are reformed. My question is – why have we taken so long to get this working?
Gst off food.
States Members have talked about this for too long but GST remains on food. It is wrong to punish people for buying the bare essentials to feed their families. If it is as complicated as claimed to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy food, we should exempt (or zero

zero-rate) all food. I will bring this important proposition to the House for debate within my first six months if you elect me.

What is the implications and cost to the island?
Scrap 0-10%.  Let’s get on with it! Incorporate companies Island, 0% tax.
Scrap it!
What do you think about the proposal about building a bridge to France?
What is your first target for when you get in the States?
The new name of “the government of Jersey” that we have started to hear from Cyril Le Marquand House is a sad step because it shows how disconnected senior ministers and top civil servants are not just from normal people, but even from politicians within the States Chamber. It worries me that the politicians who we elect appear to have less and less influence and control over how we are governed, and this new title is a sad symptom of that trend.
GST food? I will bring this important proposition to the House for debate within my first six months if you elect me.
What will you do about La Pouquelaye?

Environment, traffic and road safety. Or more. There are more cars on our roads than ever before – and while we may not be able to put the genie back in the bottle, we can take steps to reduce traffic and disruption.

Cruise ships in Jersey?
Brilliant. It is great!
What would you do if not elected?
My personal experience of disability following a stroke ten years ago.

We are making progress, and I hope that initiatives like Beresford Street Kitchen are changing, in a subtle and slow way, how we as a society feel about disability. I still feel a stigma, but less so than I would have done many years ago. Technology is having an impact here, but ultimately this is about hearts and minds. I hope that by standing, I am helping to show that disabled people can play a full role in our society.

The Disability Discrimination Law is positive, but it is the start of a journey. With a magic wand, I’d end the discrimination and stigma around disability, gender issues, mental health, sexuality, age and race. This is a cause that needs political leadership.

Changing perceptions is difficult and there are no easy answers, but attitudes are changing. Many young people especially see disability as normal. I want everyone, disabled and able bodied, treated the same and I am proud to play my small part.

What is the largest single threat to the Jersey economy?Putting resources into education is the only investment that is guaranteed to pay off – that’s because it is an investment in our own future.

How would you give your time as Deputy around work and family life?
Environment  Population, Elderly or more.
Yes. And disabled. And campaigner…….
And family?

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