Town Hall, hustings.

What will you actively do about the annual sea lettuce that is only dealt with around the Battle of Flowers and air display?

It is ridiculous that the sea lettuce problem in St Aubin’s Bay has still not been solved, given the scientific and technological resources now available. The ugly green weed that regularly covers the beach and its terrible smell are a serious environmental problem for residents of St Helier No.3 and 4, as well for the thousands of Islanders who use the promenade every day. It is also very damaging for tourism. If elected, I will take a proposition to the States to allocate sufficient funds to finally identify the source of the problem and, as far as possible, eradicate it once and for all.

How would you cope with not knowing who is running the States?

The programme of reorganisation has been very badly handled. The aggressive style of the new States chief executive, Charlie Parker, has undermined staff morale and public confidence. Mr Parker and his spin doctors should be reined in by elected politicians, who should demonstrate that they one who make political decisions. His unchallenged drive to impose UK-style structures and names on Jersey institutions is an insult to the Island’s independence and identity. It is very clumsy and insensitive, as well as undemocratic. Jersey deserves better and the States Members are letting down the public by allowing it to happen.

What was the best non political job that you had in your career and what aspect will convince voters to vote for you and to perform in government of Jersey?

Stroke. To Listen. To Listen. We are making progress, and I hope that initiatives like Beresford Street Kitchen are changing, in a subtle and slow way, how we as a society feel about disability.I still feel a stigma, but less so than I would have done many years ago. Technology is having an impact here, but ultimately this is about hearts and minds.I hope that by standing, I am helping to show that disabled people can play a full role in our society.

The Disability Discrimination Law is positive, but it is the start of a journey. With a magic wand, I’d end the discrimination and stigma around disability, gender issues, mental health, sexuality, age and race. This is a cause that needs political leadership.Changing perceptions is difficult and there are no easy answers, but attitudes are changing. Many young people especially see disability as normal. 

I want everyone, disabled and able bodied, treated the same and I am proud to play my small part.

Do you think it is fair for people who earn £4000 a month pay the same social security as some one earning £10000.

No. We all know that in the past the States have found it all too easy to just heap the extra burden on low, middle Jersey. It is sad.

How important are the repairs to the Fort.

Yes. Minister have not treated this as a priority despite saying that they would, and have not put nearly enough effort into resolving this. 

The fact that the Fort Regent swimming pool is still standing all of these years later is the clearest possible evidence that they do not care. It is not good enough.

If part of the site must be sold to get the capital to redevelop the rest, then let’s get on with it – not put up with more years of delay, and an even more expensive bill at the end



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