In Support of Ant

As a fearless journalist, commentator and campaigner, Anthony Lewis earned a reputation for his insight into Jersey’s community life, social issues and political system.

Now he is seeking to enter the States, where he wants to make a new kind of contribution to how Jersey tackles the many challenges it faces. Ant asks for your vote so that, in particular, he can become a political champion for equality in all walks of life and for the Jersey environment. Ant brings to his campaign the same strong and positive character which has helped him overcome the challenges he has encountered since suffering a stroke just over ten years ago at the age of only 39. This bolt from the blue ended one chapter of his life but heralded a new one as a tireless fundraiser and campaigner for the disabled. Ant’s personal experience makes him uniquely qualified to extend that role as a States Member and his professional skills as one of the most gifted communicators in the Jersey media will help him overcome the speech difficulties which are the legacy of his stroke.

Ant’s approachability, understanding and readiness to listen to others all help to make him an outstanding candidate for a position in government.